About Us

Adapted from the famous saga of Icarus and Daedalus, our knowledge platform Daedalus is aimed at students who want to increase their practical knowledge.

What We're All About

For us, the focus is on practical knowledge transfer. We follow the idea: by students for students. We adapt our workshops every semester to the wishes and ideas of the students.


Learn Something Every Day

Learning something new can sometimes be very scary and difficult. That’s why at Daedalus we learn together and support each other.

Learn From Your Peers

Our workshops are organized and held by students. This allows you to gain practical knowledge and apply it directly to your own projects.

Interactive Learning

No matter which workshop you attend. Each workshop aims at your individual learning outcome. The interactivity is not only fun, but also improves the learning experience.

TUM Quality

The Daedalus project is under the TUM's Chair of Data Processing. Our tutors are trained and exchange with the chair so that you get the best quality of teaching.