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From Software to Hardware...

With our workshops we target students from different disciplines. Therefore, our projects have both software and hardware reference. 

Do you like sneks? Hmm, we are also not sure about that. But we love Python, the programming language. In this workshop series, you will learn the fundamentals, but also some more advanced topics in Python


Why buy stuff when you can build it 🙂 In this workshop series, you learn all about electronics and embedded systems. You will tinker with an Arduino UNO board and learn with sensors, actuators and displays.


This workshop series and lab is the newest contribution of Daedalus. Not only can you learn about the fundamentals of 3D Printing and CAD, but you can also get access to our 3D Printing Lab where you can print out your ideas and designs. The sky is the limit…or let’s say the available filament 😉